Skip to content is used by router brands such as Xfinity Comcast, and LPB Piso WiFi defaults IP Address that is used by the Netgear and D-Link model routers. Piso wifi pause router gateway is a private IPv4 network. There is only one device that can be used on this IP address. There are other common addresses that are used for the same purpose and those are and This Piso wifi pause time is very less. If you are looking for information about 10.10 0.1 then you are in the right place because on this page, we provide all the information regarding this IP address. IP address called as Piso wifi Vendo. Piso wifi Vendo pause Admin Login

How to Login to

If you want to get full access to your router and make changes in the settings then you have to follow the steps which are given below:

  • First of all, you have to connect your device to the router’s wifi.
  • Copy or type into the search bar and hit the enter button.
  • Then the login page will open (in case it doesn’t then it means either you are not connected to the router’s wifi or this is not the IP Address or the default address of your router).
  • Now enter the default username and password.
  • Enter the username and password and click on the login button.
  • The admin panel will open on the screen and you can do basic and advanced changes.
  • You can configure the router and change the setting as you want.

Default Router Username and Password List

Router Brand Default IP Address Default Username Default Password
1 3Com admin Admin
2 Belkin admin admin
3 BenQ admin Admin
4 D-Link admin Admin
5 Digicom admin Michelangelo
6 Linksys admin Admin
7 Netgear admin password
8 Sitecom sitecom Admin
9 Asus admin admin
10 Synology admin Admin
11 Arris admin password
12 Apple iphoneIOS4.X root alpine
13 DELL admin password
14 Huawei ADSL2+ admin admin
15 Netcomm admin password
16 Netstar admin password
17 SAMSUNG admin password
18 Sigma admin admin
19 SUN admin admin
20 Telco systems telco telco
21 TENDA admin admin
22 ZCOM root admin
23 ZTE admin admin

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I Can’t Access

It has shown that the page cannot be displayed then which means that is not the gateway of your router. To find the correct gateway follow the steps:

  • First of all, open the cmd (window + R and type cmd)
  • Copy or type “ipconfig/all” and hit the enter button
  • The IP Address of your router will open on the screen
  • Match the results with the

What if I forgot the router’s username and password?

If you forget your router’s password and you are not able to log in to the administration panel then you can do the factory reset of your router which will set the username and password to its default username and password. It is a very fast process. You just have to click the reset button which is placed at the back of the router. It is a very small button and you need a needle to press that button. You have to click the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds. After the factory reset, you can log in with the default username and password.

Common problems you might face in IP Access

Here’s a look at some unforeseen issues which you might have to deal with while trying to gain access to your admin panel.

Default Credentials

If you aren’t sure of what your login credentials are, then go for the default ones because eight out of ten times, this will help you gain access. For doing so, check the backside of your router as this will normally have details regarding your login details. Most router manufacturers would have attached a datasheet with relevant information from where you can pick out your login details.

Denial of Access

Another problem that you might face is a denial of access. This can arise as a result of someone having changed the default password to something else that you either don’t know or don’t remember. In this case, you might have to go for restoring your router to factory settings. After resetting your router, you can then go forward and configure a new password as per your liking.

Resetting the Router

To reset the router, look for the reset button on the device itself. In most routers, this button will be beside the power connector but its location may vary according to the type and model of the router. Once you find the reset button, press and hold it for a while, till the LED on the router blinks indicating that reset has been initiated. Doing so will result in the router being reset. After that, you can use the default credentials to gain access to the admin panel and from there, you can go ahead to change the password to something you remember.

How to change IP and DNS settings

  1. To change the IP settings, go to the “status” menu, then “LAN Settings”;
  2. In the “IP Address” field, change the displayed content to an IP address of your choice. As an example, you can use the IP address:;
  3. For the “subnet mask” information, keep the existing information “”;
  4. Press “Ok” to proceed. The router will automatically restart;
  5. After restarting, we will return the login screen to the router settings. Log back in using the factory information mentioned above;
  6. To change DNS settings, go to the “DNS Settings” menu;
  7. The “DNS Settings” screen will appear, with the following options:
    1. Enable DNS Assignment manually;
    2. Primary DNS address;
    3. Secondary DNS address;
  8. To proceed, check the option “Enable DNS Assignment manually”;
  9. In “Primary DNS Address” we will insert the desired DNS address, as in the example: (without a period in the end);
  10. In “Secondary DNS Address”, fill in the following: (no period in the end);
  11. To save the changes press the “ok” button.

What can be done with Admin Login?

  • Since these IP addresses host the router’s data and settings, we should know what can be done with the login.
  • One can change or configure all the router’s settings just by logging into the default router IP.
  • Here are some of the settings you can access by login.
  • DSL WPS WAN, LAN, and WLAN PPPOE IP QoS DNS and PROXY MAC DHCP Client Change Wifi name and password. change the default router username and password And so many other network settings
  • Basically, you can change or configure all the settings your router has to offer.

How to find the router IP Address?

For Windows:

  • If you want the find your router address on Windows, please follow the steps given. You should follow these steps.
  • Please open the command prompt from the search bar, for this step you should type “cmd”, either you can click to Start Menu>Windows System>Command Prompt
  • In the next step Command Prompt will open, please type ipconfig and press Enter. You will now see different results in Windows Command Prompt. The other address opposite the default gateway that appears in front of you will be your router IP address.

For Linux:

  • If you want the find your router address on Linux, please follow the steps given.
  • First, of all, you should go to the application. Then you need to click “system tools” and finally “terminal”.
  • Now, the terminal window is going to open up, please write ifconfig. Now you can find your Router IP Address next to the default gateway address that we want to find.

For Android:

  • If you want to find your router address on Android, please follow the steps given.
  • For devices with the Android operating system, you have the chance to use a third-party application to find the default Router IP Address.
  • But if you have a higher version of the Android operating system(7.0 or higher). You can easily learn your IP address from your device.
  • You should do that,
  • Please click on “settings”, then you should click “wireless and networks”. Now you should tap to configure button. Your router IP address will have appeared beside the IP address mark.

For macOS

  • If you want to find your router address on MacOS, please follow the steps given.
  • You should tap on “Apple Menu”>System Preferences> and next tap on the Network icon.
  • You should choose the connection to which you’re actually connected.
  • Please tap on the advanced icon.
  • Presently, click on TCP/IP tab and you will have the option to see the Router IP Address.

Final Verdict

  • Default IP address is used to change the default settings of your router so that you can use the internet just the way you want and enjoy proper speed and stability.
  • In this particular article, we have tried to focus on the premium features along with the ways to change the router IP address and also the steps to log in to the admin panel for the same.
  • Feel free to mention any queries or doubts that you are facing related to the router in the section provided below this article.