Troubleshooting guide:

Some users can log in on the first try itself. But some others may not be able to do the same. It is quite normal to encounter issues during Login and setup. Here is a troubleshooting guide for those who are unable to do it on the first try.

  • Check whether the correct IP address is entered. Unless there is an exact match, the user cannot access the login page.
  • The next mistake that users make is entering the wrong credentials. Double-check each character of the username and password before hitting enter.
  • Some users have a tough time finding their IP addresses. Users with different operating systems can look up their IP addresses using the following steps.

For Unix and Linux users

  • If the terminal is found on the Desktop, open it. If not, use the search bar to find it.
  • Select Applications System tools and then choose Terminal.
  • Type the commands given below in the terminal.
  • IP course | grep default
  • The command should give the following result – temo$ IP course | grep default using dev eth0 proto static
  • As it is evident from the result, is the IP address for the device.

For Macintosh OS users

  • Open the terminal
  • Go to Finder > Applications. Select Utilities to find the terminal.
  • After the terminal opens, use the command given below.
  • netstat – nr | grep default
  • The command displays the result – tmeo$ netstat – nr | grep default UGSc 50 46 en1
  • Thus the default IP address of the router is Piso wifi