(LPB Piso Wifi) Cheap & Best Quality Software for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines. This piso wifi accepts only IP address is an Internet Protocol address, more commonly known as an IP address. Most routers will be assigned this IP address, but some Apple-branded routers use the piso wifi IP address. After you purchase a router, you will need to use the pisowifi IP address to configure your router. Setting up the device might seem like it’s going to be a difficult process, but if you know how to configure just a few options, it won’t be difficult at all.

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How to Login to piso wifi

Millions of people usually search on the Internet about the simple steps for login into the pisowifi  IP address so that they can access the router settings without any problem. Given below are the simple steps to do the same which will save a lot of time and effort from your end:

  • The first step is to open the web browser
  • Type the links into the URL bar that is present in your browser.
  • Now login into your piso wifi and use it and enjoy

Negros pisowifi How its work?

  • Connect your phone or laptop to negrospisowifi
  • Tap Insert coin
  • The machine will accept coins within 30 seconds
  • Once insert coins. It’s done, tap now to start an internet

How to install the pisowifi Vending Machine

  • Plug the internet cable off the vendo to your modem in LAN 1 or 2 whichever is free.
  • Power up the machine by plugging in the cable to your outlet.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes while the machine is booting up. Once the green light is gone, that means the machine is up and operational.

NOTE: Place your machine in a secure location.

People also ask

How does peso WiFi works?

  • Piso Wi-Fi is similar to vending machines, but instead of offering food items, it will create an internet connection that mobile phone users can join for just P5 for 30 minutes, or P10 for an hour.

How do I check the time on my piso WiFi?

  • Open your favorite web browser.
  • Type the pisowifi address “” and enter.
  • The remaining time will flash on your screen.

How do I pause Piso WiFi on my phone?

  • Access to any device linked to your network at home. Log in to my Wi-Fi application and tap on my devices. You can then press the pause button on the right side of your device that you wish to manage. Tap the pause button.

Is Piso WiFi illegal?

  • “If you were to institute an entire ban, it’s impossible as pisonet isn’t illegal.

The List Awesome features of LPB Piso Wifi?

  • Piso Wi-Fi Vending Machine:  No inquiry, No username, and No password is required
  • Radius Server
  • just taps the phone, inserts coins, and gets Wi-Fi.
  • No need for supervision. Self-service working method to save labor cost.
  • Modular structures make maintenance easy.
  • Constructed of durable materials.
  • Can be wall or desktop mounted.
  • Professional coin passage design to prevent coin stolen or fraud

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